Podcast Player

for iOS,



and tvOS

with CarPlay,

Dark Mode,

Siri Shortcuts,

Sleep Timer,

Silence Skipping,

iCloud Sync,

iMessage Stickers,

and more


A Joy to Use

Take a minimal design approach, mix in strong attention to iOS design guidelines, then add a dash of fun.

Built for Everyone

No complicated user accounts or settings to configure. Pick it up and get started immediately.

Import & Export

Export your podcasts as OPML files from within other apps or from Cosmicast itself.

A Truly Universal App

iCloud sync keeps your library up-to-date on all your devices. And I mean all your devices.

Sleep On It

Doze off to a podcast, or rush through ones that you find too slow. You control how you want to listen to podcasts.

It Speaks Your Language

Cosmicast is localised in Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Playful Playlists

Recently updated feeds help you listen to what you know and love. Discovering new content is just a tap away.

Share Clips

Cosmicast makes it easy to share what you're listening to, whether that's as a link or as a video clip.

See What You Hear

Podcasts don't have to just be audio. See video content for podcasts that support it.

Theme it Your Way

An abundance of app tints and alternative app icons that looks good on your device and go well with your outfit.

Lights Out

Cosmicast looks great always, and that includes Dark Mode too, for your nighttime listening pleasure.

Accessible by Everyone

Accessibility labels and hints at every turn, so visual or motor impairments can't hold you back.

I do not collect any data, or share any data with third parties, or similar. None of my apps have any third-party data collection frameworks.

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