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A beautiful music player


Vinyls is a beautiful music player built with iOS design guidelines in mind. There are no complicated user accounts or settings to configure, so you can start listening to your music right away.

It also displays a spinning vinyl with a tone arm that animates in and out when playing and pausing. The arm makes its way towards the centre of the disc and appropriately aligns itself with the current playback time. The disc can also be 'scrubbed' to seek forwards and backwards, and long-pressed for further actions.


Key features:

- Beautiful interface

- Gorgeous animations

- Brilliant gestures (swipe up/down to view/dismiss lists and view details)

- Scrub the vinyl to seek forwards and backwards

- AirPlay support

- Widgets

- iPad multi-window support

- Vast array of app tints

- Alternative app icons

- Dark mode support

- Keyboard shortcuts

- Many accessibility settings


Requires an active Apple Music subscription for some features.

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