Twitter Client

for iOS,



and macOS

A Joy to Use

Take a minimal design approach, mix in strong attention to iOS design guidelines, then add a dash of fun.


View your Twitter timeline and latest tweets directly from your Home Screen. Quick and easy.

A Truly Minimalistic App

The chronological ad-free timelines make browsing through your Twitter feeds a joy.

Multiple Columns

The iPad and macOS app makes use of the space available to it, with multiple columns that can be swapped out.

Built for iOS 14

Widgets, multiple columns, pull-down menus, color-picker, PencilKit, context menus, the list goes on.

Powerful Tweet Filters

Hide words, hashtags, users, media, quoted content, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, and more.

Intuitive Gestures

Swipe tweets, long-press tweets and tab bar items, pinch the screen to screenshot, and more.

Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're a power user, you'll be pleased to know that almost everything in Aviary can be controlled by the keyboard and trackpad.

Share and Action Extensions

Share tweets and media from outside the app, and open Twitter links directly in the app.

Theme it Your Way

An abundance of app tints and alternative app icons that looks good on your device and go well with your outfit.

Lights Out

Aviary looks great always, and that includes Dark Mode too, for your nighttime browsing experience.

Accessible by Everyone

Accessibility labels and hints at every turn, so visual or motor impairments can't hold you back.

Frequently asked Questions


Why can't I sign in to the app?

If the sign in screen doesn't dismiss for you after attempting to authenticate with Twitter, please try signing in with your username instead. This appears to be an issue on Twitter's end.

Where are the push notifications?

There are no push notifications in the app (yet). The Twitter API currently doesn't support streaming content, and therefore this makes push notifications unachievable for now.

Where are the activity metrics?

There are no activity metrics in the app (yet). The Twitter API currently doesn't support this, and therefore this makes activity metrics unachievable for now.

Why aren't there likes/retweets counts in the timeline?

With Aviary, I opted for a more minimal and clean approach to the timeline, reducing clutter and an influx of information where possible. You can long-press tweets to see these metrics, or tap through to view them alongside more details.

How do I like/retweet tweets?

You can either swipe tweets left and right for quick actions, long-press tweets for more actions, or tap through and perform tweet actions when viewing tweet details.

Is there a quicker way to access lists on iPhone?

Yes! Long-press the first tab to display all lists, and optionally create new lists.

Is there a quicker way to switch accounts?

Yes! Long-press the last tab to display all added accounts, and optionally add more accounts.

I don't use trending much, is there a way to change the tab?

Yes! Long-press the fourth tab to change what it displays, or optionally change it via settings.

Can I have the app in dark mode when my device is in light mode?

Yes! This is possible via the tint option settings section.

Can I see link previews?

Yes you can in tweet details if the settings option is enabled, but not in timeline feeds (yet).

The compose button is too far to reach, can I have it slightly more within reach?

Yes! You can enabled a floating compose button via settings, which can be dragged around to different areas on the lower half of your screen.

I do not collect any data, or share any data with third parties, or similar. None of my apps have any third-party data collection frameworks.

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